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You have a clean and efficient website, you want to be found on Google? SEO or natural referencing is the term used to describe the skill that a website has in order to stand out on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. At Dr Web, we use the best tools and rules of the art to build an efficient website that will appear quickly on search engines. SEO is not just a question of keywords, it is about many factors such as the speed of loading of your site, the ease of reading as well as the quality of your content! We can design or optimize your website with industry best practices to ensure you reach your audience on all web platforms!


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If it helps, here are some quick answers to questions we are often asked about SEO natural referencing:

How many words should my web page have?

It is above all necessary to think about the quality of the content before the quantity. Is your text authentic and providing value to your visitors? Otherwise, a rule of thumb is to write at least 300 words.

Does my website have to be mobile friendly to have a good SEO score?

With over 50% of users on mobile, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website adapts to all screens. Having a responsive website means improving the user experience and consequently improving its SEO.

What should be the ideal loading speed for my website?

The faster, the better!
Ideally under 2.5 seconds.

Should I secure my website to maximize my SEO?

Securing your website is essential. Not only does this increase user confidence in your site, but it positively impacts loading speed and SEO. To secure your website, you must have a valid SSL certificate.

Are images important for SEO?

Yes, optimized images with the right tags will help your website’s SEO.